In many countries, health care resources are stretched beyond limits and governments are seeking innovative delivery models to provide access to quality primary and specialty care – especially outside of urban areas.  Improved communications and more affordable telemedicine technology offer new opportunities to extend quality care to lower resource settings in regional and district hospitals.

In a world where income level, ethnic origin, and geographic location serve as primary determinants of people’s access to health care, MED1’s telemedicine approach helps overcome many of these barriers to care. 

MED1 is working with public health systems to design and implement cost effective telemedicine programs that optimize the existing health care resources and technology infrastructure to:

  • Improve access to primary and specialty care

  • Extend health care services to underserved areas

  • Implement innovative tele-health education programs

  • Develop specialized physician networks for key conditions

  • Enhance the quality of local care to enable complex conditions to be treated locally

  • Introduce low cost digital diagnostic devices