MED1 is a global telemedicine company working with organizations and governments from around the world to develop and implement innovative health care delivery models.  Our team includes clinical, technology and telemedicine experts committed to improving health care.

extending care, everywhere.

Mission / Vision

MED1 is a global telemedicine company that works with organizations to design and implement flexible telemedicine solutions to increase access, reduce costs and improve outcomes. Our team includes clinical, technology and telemedicine experts committed to improving health care. MED1 provides a broad range of service and technology solutions to develop customized, integrated telemedicine programs designed for each client’s unique environment.

MED1 helps guide organizations that provide health care services to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.  Our engagement model varies depending on specific client requirements but generally involves the following activities.

MED1 Healthcare Overview v2

MED1 helps clients assess the potential impact of various telemedicine interventions and technologies in their specific environments.  Evaluating the existing workflow, technology architecture and clinical services – as well as the patient population – informs the telemedicine program objectives and design.

22Based on specific client requirements, MED1 designs customized, turn key programs which may include hardware and software solutions that integrate with a client’s existing infrastructure.  Where necessary, 24/7 tele-health services provided by ER physicians and specialists may also be incorporated into the program design.  All technology and service components may be sourced by MED1.

3MED1 works closely with its clients to implement the program – including the development of protocols as well as orientation and training of staff – to ensure success.


43MED1 collects data to measure the impact of the program. Ongoing analysis is used to validate the program investment and make modifications necessary to maximize its value.