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What is a MED1 Network Physician?

MED1 Network Physicians provide telehealth consultations to our patient base. Our physicians are highly qualified individuals who have completed the MED1 recruitment process and required training in utilizing our platform. All MED1 Network Physicians are provided with the software, training and the resources necessary to practice telehealth within our network – at no cost.

Where do I begin the qualification process?

Submit your resume/CV by filling up the form at the bottom of this page. A MED1 recruitment specialist will contact you to validate your candidacy for our network. Physicians must complete an interview process to determine whether they qualify as a MED1 network physician. After successfully completing the interview process, we will extend an offer to join our network.

What happens now that I am a MED1 Network Physician?

Upon joining our network, MED1 will provide all of the necessary software to practice telemedicine. Our training personnel will arrange remote training sessions on how to utilize the system. After completion of the required training you will be eligible to consult with the patients in our network. Our network physicians will generally treat patients in their state of licensure and based on availability and/or specialty.

Network Physician Compensation

All physicians in the MED1 Network are compensated as per our standard fee schedule. The fee schedule will be presented and discussed prior to your acceptance into our physician network.


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